Thursday, 10 October 2013

Layla 22 months - a new normal

They say that after a loved one has died, the world stops for you but keeps going on for everybody else

and it does

Except when you have children - and for children, life always keeps on going

So we are living in an alternate universe without one of the few people who existed in the centre of it

And this is the new normal - life without our Nonna. 

The kids continue to grow and change every day, and for Layla-Rae, she is growing into the most energetic, talented and intelligent little person that you could possibly imagine her to be. 
Being our fourth child, we are pretty confident in our ability to judge if our little people are not meeting their milestones, and as such, have not been into the doctors or child nurse much in the last year to check up on those sorts of things. Layla is free to grow and evolve naturally and in her own time. But she has constant love, support and stimulation from a house full of children (and adults!) that are infatuated with her. And she knows it! 

Despite not checking milestones regularly, we have had a little peek at what Layla is 'meant' to be doing at this age, and I think somebody forgot to tell her that she is only 22 months old! 

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