Thursday, 10 October 2013

Layla 22months and 8 days

Dear Layla, 

today you are 22 months and 8 days old, and following on from our little post about not checking your milestones for a little while, we were a little bit surprised when we finally did have a little internet search on 'what 22 month old babies typically do with their time' - we concluded that perhaps you are not aware of things such as this, and you are on your own little timeline of milestones and activities.

In this month, to say that you are incredible is an understatement, as of course, you are surrounded by so many people who give you so much love and attention that you are able to easily hold your own in the company of people ten times your age (and older!).  

In this week you are running, skipping, dancing, balancing on tippy toes and indeed dancing around and running on tippy toes! You sing word-for-word songs from The Wiggles, and are now confidently attempting to sing adult songs, alongside your biggest sister, who you absolutely adore.

You can talk fluently, in sentences, and can ask and hold a conversation about anything that you like. If you do not know what something is, you ask "what is that?' or 'Whyyyy???' and sit patiently for an answer. For the last month or so you have been a little confused by sleep - not really knowing what sleep was or when you were supposed to do it. But just this week you told me "I went to sweep in bed and then...I woke up!" .... my jaw dropped a bit at your understanding, but we have learnt to expect incredible things from you. You count out objects and confidently count to ten (and further if somebody will count with you). Your brother and sisters take endless pleasure in documenting your singing and song-writing and publishing your efforts to Youtube! You often make up your own lyrics to things, just because you can. 

At 22 months you are still breast feeding! and you prefer breast milk over every other food available. However you love ice cream much more than you should, you are extremely empathic to anything smaller than yourself, calling them 'babies' (everything from small birds to large dogs) and when corrected you will say 'Mummy, I cuggle the baby dog?" which is so hilarious coming from such a tiny little girl! 

At this age you are supposed to not really understand the concept of yourself being seperate to others, however you have an incredible understanding of yourself. If somebody does not understand what you are saying, you will very clearly raise your voice and say "no I, ME, LAYLA' so that they understand that it is you, that you are talking about! 

If you are older and reading this, feel free to google yourself baby girl - because with so many fans already, it is inevitable that you will find much documentation of your early life online!

Perhaps here 

Or here

Or even here

Know that you are loved and adored, you are extraordinary and you can expect a life filled with the joy of a family that will always appreciate you exactly for who you are.

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