Thursday, 24 April 2014

"After I have my coffee"

We are two weeks into our spur-of-the-moment road trip to the Gold Coast, and sharing a two-bedroom apartment with 9 people (including 4 children) which has necessitated regular 7am coffee's for my lovely husband (after hours of sunrise beach-play, surfing and running up and down sandy footpaths) and take-away chai latte's for me! At a quick pit-stop, where we throw down a body-board, a skate-board, floaties and all sorts of other beach sport apparel, Layla gives me this look (can you tell she is from a Sicilian mother?) when I ask her if she wants to go down the slide "I will have my coffee first!" she declares very seriously, giving me the evil eye as if I would dare defy her. 

As it is probably a little early to start a caffeine addiction off at 26 months old, we head back to the apartment to make her a hot water and soy milk 'coffee' which she drinks copious amounts of!  This little soul is way too funny to be only two years old!

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