Thursday, 1 May 2014

Follow your passions - quit work and run off to the beach!

When I first started on this homeschooling journey I was a little like a teenager running away from home.

 I wanted to be free of the confines of full time work and schooling. I wanted to run to the beach and set up a little camp, eat marshmallows for dinner, drink organic red lemonade, and burn textbooks (well not really, I kinda love textbooks because I am weird like that - but you get the idea!). 

I didn't really think too much about the practical side of, you know, needing money. And working while homeschooling. Or having childcare for my children while I worked and homeschooled.
I just wanted freedom. And I had no idea to of how to get it, so I just un-enrolled our family from school, and didn't go back to my job, and hoped that an idea would come to me! 

LOTS and lots of ideas came, and left. Lots of websites were set up, and then forgotten about, like old books sitting on the shelves, half written and gathering cob-webs. I really, really, REALLY clung on to the hope that I would come up with something amazing, and it would make me squillions of dollars, and we could live comfortably at the beach, without school, and I could do what I loved best - hanging out with my family.

It was only when my husband really desperately wanted to leave his job, that we decided on a concrete (overnight) business idea, and launched into the unknown world of entrepreneurialism... armed with very little knowledge and a whole lot of ideas about what life would be like. For the first few months we floundered around and relied on our love of family, and intrinsic motivations to just get something done, until one night in my midnight readings I found a little business program that just sat right for me.

And not only did it sit right but it was (*gasp*) FUN and inspirational, funny, heart-warming, and re-packaged every brilliant thing I had ever read on business, into something that was enjoyable to work through, and started to bring in more money that I could have ever hoped for in our first year of business. Enough money to live, and not have to get a job where we were working for someone else, and enough money to have time to work on UBER exciting creative endeavours that I am yet to release to the world.

But there it is. I have found something wonderful, and addictive, and a way to make a living and live a lot of time at the beach. I only ever endorse people and businesses that I am passionate about (and never in this space) so I am 100% saying - go forth and Leonie Dawson the crap outta your life!

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